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The Label Shoppe

The Label Shoppe Revives Business & Breaks Into Digital During COVID-19

The Label Shoppe is a premiere label company serving an array of businesses across Southern California. In the region's saturated market, their high-end labels make them a cut above the rest.

As a business-to-business (B2B) custom label printer, The Label Shoppe relied heavily on trade shows, in-person meetings, and personalized relationships to find new clients — but the COVID-19 pandemic proved how adaptable the team could be.

Our Challenge: Pivoting to Digital During a Pandemic

The Label Shoppe was on track for record growth when the world shut down due to COVID-19. The marketing strategies that had helped to build their business were no longer feasible. Friendly, knowledgeable sales reps could no longer knock on doors. Phone sales were still an option, but they quickly found cold calls were unwelcome amid so much uncertainty.

The team watched as their sales pipeline dried up.

The Skyground Solution

The unprecedented circumstances of the pandemic shined a spotlight on an existing disparity within the company. The team had no website or e-commerce presence and no proactive marketing channels to reach prospective online customers online.

Skyground took a close look at their business model and developed a three-pronged strategy to look for and attract new types of customers. The team revamped The Label Shoppe's digital brand to build and emphasize existing trust, expanded their audience by identifying new business prospects, and then layered in new types of digital marketing and SEO techniques.

By closely studying and re-framing The Label Shoppe's existing business, the team could expand their product line to serve a new type of customer: the online consumer. Their new web-based marketing strategy allowed them to gain digital visibility like never before.

We now have a website that I would categorize as in the top 10% of functionality and content for my industry. Last but not least Chris and the team did something few consultants ever do — provide us a roadmap to independence so we don't have to rely on him forever! — Ryan G., CEO of The Label Shoppe


• Branding
• Market Research
• E-commerce Development

Our 5-Step Process

Step 1 Research & Discovery

Step 2 Brand Foundation

Step 3 Design

Step 4 Development

Step 5 Measurement & Knowledge Sharing


With Skyground Media's help, the Label Shoppe team was able to work through all the dimensions of building a digital product. Their existing business's success and mission were honored as they aligned operations and drew from their original ERP systems. The Label Shoppe was thrilled to break into digital with a refreshed website and brand new online storefront to sell products online. Not only did this better equip them for a situation like COVID, but it has helped to differentiate their brand further. Few competitors in their B2B niche offer the same convenient online experience that The Label Shoppe has now mastered.

Beyond that, Skyground Media helped increase unique web traffic to the Label Shoppe's site — exponentially! To ensure that the clients could make the most of these analytics after the project, we wrapped things up with an educational session. Today, the team has a firm understanding of how to run an email marketing campaign, make wise decisions for paid web advertising, and calculate customer acquisition costs.

Now, whether their consumers are based digitally or in person, the Shoppe is ready, willing, and able to provide their top-quality labels.

A Refreshed & Refined Brand



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